About Me


I'm a full-time mama to a beautiful baby girl. Part-time photographer. Part-time physician assistant.

My husband and I were born and raised in Kansas City. We spent some years away in North Carolina and moved back in 2017.

You will find me working in the yard or doing projects on our old and quirky little house.  Or drinking coffee. Or eating chocolate. Or drinking wine. Or walking the dog. I would do it all at the same time if I could.

I found photography in 2014. Photography helped me grieve the loss of a loved one with autism. I found connection and love while photographing families living with special needs. My clients have helped me to donate near $10,000 to Autism Speaks since starting on this journey. I am grateful. 

Photography is my thing. I get lost in the moment. Your moment. It feels magical to me, to capture love and connection. I get a glimpse into your special life through my lens. I honor that. It's powerful. 

All are welcome here. You are welcome here. 

Now let's make some magic. 

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